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  • The storage tin measures 13.5cm diameter x 35.5cm tall 
  • Magno-Z are hair-ee, springy, stretchy magnetic fun.
  • Each Magno-Z character has a body made out of springy coils, wild frizzy hair and magnetic hands and feet.
  • With six colours and nine different characters, there are over 50 to collect.
  • Addictive, poseable, pocket-money play.
  • Patented magnetic connectors mean that you can attach your Magno-Z characters to any metal surface.
  • They stick together, so you can use them to make fun jewellery or funky hair decorations.
  • There are lots of ways to play with these crazy characters; see how many surfaces you can stick them to, wriggle their stretchy bodies or style their silly hair.
  • Collect more and you can stick, hang, cling, pose and play with them together - the more you have the more fun you will have!

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